Indoor Air Quality

Air Sanitizing

Our air sanitizing systems utilize UV-C Technology to kill airborne pathogens as well as prevent mold or algae from forming inside the air conditioning system. By placing UV lights in strategic locations we can sterilize the air and kill airborne contaminants. Mold and algae is killed and prevented by providing constant exposure of UVC to the wet coil surfaces of the air conditioning system. We offer a number of different configurations depending on your needs


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Air Cleaning and Filtration

We utilize a number of Technologies depending upon the demands and needs of our customers. Our media air cleaners use disposable cartridges that trap particulate in the air stream. These cartridges are extreme low maintenance and can last as long as 1 year without changing. Media Filtration is rated in a measurement called MERV. The higher the MERV rating the more efficient the filter is and the more particles it can remove from the air. Our highest MERV rating is a MERV 13, which exceeds the MERV 10 rating that is recommended by the American Lung Association.


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Electronic Systems

Our electronic systems are our best and highest efficiencies available to attach to your indoor air system. Our electronic systems use positive and negative electronically charged cells to attract and capture particulate in the air, providing up to 97% efficiency removal rating. These are permanent and never need to be changed and only cost about the same as a 40 watt light bulb to operate.


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Air Drying/De-Humidification

As a contractor in the Florida market, we deal with high and heavy humidity levels. By reducing the humidity levels in your home we can make you feel even more comfortable in your home while operating it at a higher temperature. This can save you money on your energy bills and provide you with a higher level of indoor air quality. The American Lung Association suggests that you maintain levels between 30-55% of relative humidity. Our De-Humidification systems also allow fresh air to be introduced into your home without the risk of high humidity levels.


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Room to Room Temperature Control

Ever have an area that was too hot or too cold? It does not need to be that way. With our zoned temperature control systems we can give you any temperature in any area of your home or building. Whether you are looking for additional control of a master bedroom, home office, guest area, 2nd floor, or a bonus room. We can give you any temperature anywhere, at any time.

Zoning your home can also provide enormous energy savings opportunities (up to 33% when combined with programmable thermostats) by only running your system for the areas that need cooling vs. wasting air in unused areas or areas that do not need cooling because they are already at the desired temperature.


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